We are looking for 3 organizations to…

We are looking for the support of 3 organizations to help us build the permanent house for 22 children in Kumba, Cameroon. We are asking for $5,000 each to continue this project and finally create a place these kids can call home.

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Agnes memorial fund

Recent GoFundMe Campaign

We are raising fund in the memory of Agnes Azilefack, to support 22 children in AZI orphanage. Visit this link to read the whole story.
Help us to create this memorial fund

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A memorial fund for these kids

Agnes We are raising funds in the memory of Agnes Azilefack, a loving mother, owner and caregiver of her 22 orphans who were living with her at the AZI Orphanage. She died and we want to support the continuation of her legacy at best. We are so glad and blessed to hear that Mrs. Gladys Alemji, Agnes' sister, volunteered to continue undertaking this responsibility. Please read the whole story to get a clear idea of how the project will help this 22 kids and how you can be a part of this transition. You can make a donation here in our website or through a GoFundMe campaign.

Donate Here in the Website View and Donate through GoFundMe
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