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Aarushi Agni Picture POHOFIAarushi Agni, BS, Founding member and Communication and Outreach Director

In her short career, Aarushi Agni has covered quite a bit of ground. Agni holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Biology and International Studies. As a child, Agni’s interest in public health was ignited when as a child she visited India, the country of her birth. Struck by the country’s stark health and educational inequities, Agni has worked toward causes related to social justice ever since. This purpose is reflected in daily in her work as a teacher and editor at Simpson Street Free Press, an all-academics youth newspaper dedicated to closing the achievement gap in Madison, WI, where she has worked since 2009. At UW, as the Diversity Editor of the UW-Madison campus newspaper Daily Cardinal, where she worked to make the paper more sensitive to, and representative of the entire campus population. Beyond her work in journalism, teaching and editing, Agni has worked in multiple labs– she has honed her technique working in botany, virology and oncology labs. She believes whole-heartedly in the scientific process, and is an excellent science communicator. Agni also busies herself with creative pursuits. She writes music and short blogs for fun and release. She was a radio and talk DJ at WSUM Student Radio for 3 years. Agni is also a musician and recording artist. She started and fronted two original bands during college, The Rose Lights, and Hyper Beam. Now, she is becoming comfortable performing solo with the acoustic guitar, singing on EDM tracks, and with her new band, Tin Can Diamonds.

As a founding member and Communication and Outreach Director of POHOFI, Aarushi brings her diverse perspective and broad skillset to making a difference in the lives of the needy and unjustly treated within grassroots communities.