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Christiana Elad Bibish, BS, MA, Executive Director and founding Member, Christiana Elad is the Founder of Sisters Refuge Home Cameroon and also the CEO of Pyramid Productions Los Angeles California. She holds a Bs in Economics, a graduate diploma in Non profit management and a master’s degree in Administrative studies. She is currently studying fashion design. She has goals that are custom-tailored towards fulfilling her results to reflect the designed assignment in question. She has produced healthy, enduring results for high profile organization clients including major development organizations, advertising companies and non-profits; senior corporate executives; and general publicity and promotion counsels for multinational corporations in Cameroon and the United States of America. Her interest in the third world, however, is rooted in humanitarian concerns, as reflected by the creation of her NGO and working with many more others to engage with thought leaders committed to bring greater autonomy and dignity to the people of the developing world. Her addition to the team of outgoing and hardworking individuals of POHOFI is a plus as she will be on the ground and in the trenches working toward that cause.