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Felicite Noubissi bio info photoFelicite K. Noubissi, PhD, VP, Human Resource & Research / Founding BOD member

Dr. Noubissi is Senior Scientist at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she studies cellular and molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis. She previously served as Assistant Scientist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and investigated cross-talk between different signaling pathways in the development of colorectal cancer and basal cell carcinoma.

Dr. Noubissi has published her work in world acclaimed journals like Nature, Molecular Cell, and Cancer Research. She has been honored by the career development award from the Dermatology Foundation, NIH grant, and Fellowship from the Academy of Science for the Developing World. She is reviewer of the International Journal of Colorectal Cancer, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, and Carcinogenesis.

Dr. Noubissi graduated from the University of Yaounde I in Cameroon where she got a Doctorate in Biochemistry, and from the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology/Jawarharlal Nehru University in India where she earned a PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Dr. Noubissi is member of the board of directors of POHOFI. She is also a member of the Association of Cameroonians in Madison (ASCAM). Dr. Noubissi partners with World Vision and Campus Crusade for Christ to bring good news and comfort to people