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Jean-Christopher Chamcheu, PhD., President & Founder

Dr. Chamcheu is founding President & CEO of POHOFI, Inc. Together with the Chair and the Board Of Directors, they shape and approve governing and advocacy strategies, as well as establish the overall direction and management goals.

Jean Christopher hails as a bona fide indigene of a marginalized community who experienced first-hand suffering and the aftermaths of poverty. Thus, he understands the most pressing challenges and needs of the rural communities of Cameroon and other Sub-Saharan African countries he has lived in. Since childhood, he has been involved incapacities as member, co-founder, volunteer, consultant and leader of philanthropic actions for sustainable community development issues in many grassroots development nonprofits within West Africa, Europe and the USA. He is also co-founder and Ombudsman/consultant of POHOFCAM and PRUDHWERA, two legally registered sister non-profits with operations in Cameroon and West Africa. He is well travelled and excelled within extremes of poverty-stricken developing and developed world, and regularly appears as ethical contributor on several grassroots panels and discussion forums.

When the Powerman vision came to light, Jean Christopher felt it was time to honor in testimony of God’s blessings that many people (role models) both home and abroad assisted and mentored him through life. He learned and continues to do so from exceptionally successful guardians, mentors and peers. As an expression of his testimony to the love of God, he pursued with dedication such bold step as a modest way to give back to the needy and so many other talented individuals who may not have such opportunities like he was decades ago. In honors of his father’s legacy and those who relentlessly contributed in nurturing him to date, his aims relate to translate acquired skills towards social benefit for underprivileged communities and to unceasingly contribute in helping them understand and challenge root causes, harness livelihood and bridge gaps.

As a member of the POHOFI committee for Education, Health and Development, Dr. Chamcheu also co-steers an initiative aiming to create a Versatile Cutting-edge Molecular Medicine Center within such Communities to assist in improving basic clinical science and research in curbing the impact of poverty related neglected diseases, cancer and obesity, and in improving collaborations between developed and developing nations.

Profession wise, Dr. Chamcheu is currently an Assistant Scientist in Dermatology (Equivalent to a Research Assistant Professor in several US Universities),  at the School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he completed his postdoctoral research associate work. He was visiting fellow at the Center for Cutaneous Research (CCR) of the Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London (London, UK), and at the Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, and the National Institute of Chemistry, University of Lybjana, (Lybjana, Slovania).

For almost ten years, he has devoted his research career on investigating the genetic and molecular basis of skin diseases and developing novel mechanism-based strategies for prevention and treatment of skin diseases. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed original scientific articles in Dermatological and other scientific journals See PubMed Publications, and has co-authored 2 Book Chapters. His work has been presented at several national and international conferences, meetings, and training courses. He is a member of the following professional societies; Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID), European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR), American Chemical Society (ACS) and Swedish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SSBMB). Jean Christopher serves as an editorial board member of over seven as wel as reviewer of several peer-review scientific journals.

Dr. Chamcheu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Dschang-Cameroon, a Master’s degree in Biomedicine from the Health Science Faculty, Linkoping University-Sweden, and earned his PhD in Dermatology and Venereology from the Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University-Sweden.

Jean Christopher is also a polyglot who speaks more than six different languages and is fluent in English, French, Swedish, Nufi, Fe’fe’ and Kamtok, and has begun learning Spanish.