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Komlanvi Komede, VP,  Togo Programs and Committee member of LOHSCI & BBAFI

Mr. Komlanvi is a Radiology Medical Imagine Technology Student. Komlanvi came from a very large African family in which he is the only one who lives outside of his home country “Togo”. At the age of 15, he moved from his parents to live with one of his uncles 600miles away where he graduated with high school diploma. Komlanvi also does professional Photography which allowed him to travel to several cities and villages in Togo and had the ability to see how people in his own home country suffer form diseases such as: goiter, elephantiasis, blindness, HIV Aids and so on, leaving behind thousands of Orphans. As a very good hearted person, he was involved in many community services by helping those in needs especially Orphans and vulnerable children with some of their financial and material needs. Six months before moving to the United States, he was enrolled in Computer Science program at the University of Lome -Togo. Passionate and caring for people with any types of disability, Komlanvi spent more than 500 hours volunteering at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in the State of Maryland as a “Patient Support Coordinator.” Not only Komlanvi had help and cared for many individuals from different background, but he also understand and has a big Hope that even if he couldn’t do it all to reach out for those in need, there will be someone somewhere that could and make it happened and here is a golden opportunity.