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Monica C. Restrepo, BS., VP, Education & Public Relation

Monica C. Restrepo is a biologist who is extremely zealous about fighting cancer through nutritional and biological research. She also feels very passionate about serving people who live in underdeveloped communities. Being born in Colombia and spending many years of her life in Bolivia, gave her the opportunity to learn about different cultures and nourish her aspiration to helping others. After obtaining her Bachelors degree at Universidad CES and Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia in Medellín-Colombia, she had the opportunity to work as an Associate Research Specialist for the University of Wisconsin in Madison in two different laboratories. Some of her work involved researching influenza, and raccoon poxviruses to develop viral vaccines, and also using fascinating dietary compounds such us green tea to fight different types of cancer. Monica was able to learn from exceptionally successful scientists that have fed her passion for phytochemicals and dietary compounds’ research and their association with cancer.

The opportunity to work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was the main academic influence that has led her to steer her interest to dietary compounds and nutritional sciences to serve others.

Monica will begin to pursue a Master of Science in human nutrition starting on 2014. She will be devoted to helping others through her career and is looking forward to serving POHOFI in any way she can.