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Negalign M Urkato, BA, Accounting and Finance officer and Director for Ethiopia ProgramNagelin biodata

Mr. Urkato is a born and raised native of Ethiopia, who lived and experienced life in three different cities in Ethiopia since 1984 prior to immigrating to the United States. He Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Alamaya University, Ethiopia and is currently pursuing his Computer Science Degree Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Prior to immigrating to the US in 2009, Mr. Urkarto had more than three years of work experience as office manager and junior Accountant at the government finance office in Ethiopia.  Since then, he has gained work experience from various appointments and places ranging from Super Target, Lutheran social service of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Petroleum gas, and currently Rem Wisconsin.

Besides having Technical and Personal Skill and experiences in Peachtree Accounting, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheet, Mr. Urkato is very grateful for the numerous amazing experiences gained from this diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds which focuses on community collaboration. Mr. Urkato’s volunteering experience is wide ranging and he has volunteered at the UW Madison hospital and has been working with the Ethiopian community in Madison, coordinating and empowering members to observe rules and regulation so as to be better citizens. Such experience with life touching challenges has groomed him to be a better person and has inspired him to commit to give back to the needy community from what he received.

Mr. Urkato’s present position as a community support provider has buoyed his willingness and enthusiasm to work with people with developmental disabilities, behavioral issues, and the elderly to bring some level of independent in their daily life.

Mr. Urkato has come to enjoy and looks forward to continue to support the individual in needy and community through the inspiring DREAMS of POHOFI.