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Igor gandju  bio picPaulin Igor Gandjui, MSCE, PCT, Civil Engineer. Mr. Gandjui is a civil engineer working for engineering consulting company in Madison, Wisconsin. Providing technical expertise in structural and environmental design; ranging from a single family home design, to a multistory building design. Paulin I Gandjui is also psychiatric technician working for the state of Wisconsin where he has the responsibility of implementing patients’ treatment plans, admitting and interviewing patients, and conducting therapy sessions for patients. For being involved in various rural development projects in Africa, Paulin I Gandjui, has a particular passion for environmental and innovative developments. Paulin I Gandjui has been one of the founding members and coordinators of the rural development association of the village Akono (center province of Cameroon) called Betti Meto’o Ass. The association has helped villagers dig modern wells and provided them with pumping equipment, provided farming equipment and much more. Paulin Igor Gandjui is also one of the few students who were selected to work on the structural design of the Metro d’ Alger in 2002-2004 which is the Algerian subway train system. Paulin I Gandjui is an active member of the NCSEA (National council of structural engineer association) as well as IBC(International building code)association. Since 2012, Paulin I Gandjui is a founding member and has been one of the board of directors of the POHOFI foundation