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Shah pohofi  cool bio dataShah Dodwad, BS, Co-Founder and Secretary General. Shah graduated from Edgewood College with degrees in Biology and Chemistry in May 2014. He is attending graduate school at Wayne State University in the Fall and intends on pursuing a career as an emergency room-physician in the future. Shah is a first-generation American. His parents emigrated from India to the United States. His passion for Powerman Hope Foundation comes from his encounters in volunteering with the poor of India as well as with low socioeconomic families and teens in the US. His other non-profit work includes volunteering to tutor socioeconomic at-risk teens, deliver meals to the elderly and handicapped, volunteer at hospitals, and organize fundraisers for local charities. Shah believes that the key to defeating poverty is education and is a major proponent of community education endeavors. His source of motivation comes from his own family, who beat the grasps of poverty in India and are where they are today thanks to blessing of education.