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sohinderjit photo biodata2Sohinderjit Singh,  Founding member and Vice President of POHOFI.  Sohinderjit hopes that together with his diverse background and broad skills, he can contribute to lives that result in uplifting the underserves from the grasps of poverty, ensure livelihood and bringing hospitality around the globe. Sohinderjit was born in Punjab, India, where he witnessed poverty first hand. Even after moving to the United States, he has not forgotten what life is like for the under privileged people of the world.  He currently lives in Wisconsin and has participated in many cultural events and organizations in Madison. Specifically, he is an active member of non-profit organizations in Wisconsin like the Sikh Society of WI-Madison and the Sikh Student Association. The Sikh Student Association is a student run organization at the University of Wisconsin Madison and Sohinderjit has helped out mainly with the logistics and fundraising for this organization. He also has volunteered at the outpatient pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. Volunteering at outpatient pharmacy he grew his interest in the field. He is now pursing a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and hopes to go into the pharmacy field in the near future. Sohinderjit also has experience in the research field and has recently been published in the scientific journal Experimental Dermatology. 

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