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Noelia C. Hernandez, VP, Dominican Republic Programs, Founder & Co-Director of the BBAFI

Noelia is a founding member of POHOFI, born and initially raised in the Dominican Republic and later the United States. Having worked at the University of Wisconsin Housing department for over 17 years she encountered a lot more children from diverse background.

Noelia is a passionate mother of her two lovely daughters and have great love for children in general. She hopes to show the love of God and brings happiness and bright smiles to the faces of many more vulnerable children around the world. Several years after immigrating to the US in the mid-1990s, Noelia visited the Dominican Republic her country of birth, and saw how devastated the community she once was part of had becomehit by the country’s barefaced educational, development and healthcare inequities. Upon her return to the US, these burning issues lingered in her mind for another decade, and she has since then worked toward causes related to community services. This drive is mirrored daily in her work as a Christian volunteer service and member of the Lighthouse Church in Madison which works in closing the achievement gap in Madison, WI, where she has been worshiping since early 2000’s.

When the Powerman HOPE dream came to light she immediately envisioned it was the God’s given golden opportunity giving and putting smiles on the face of numerous kids and disadvantaged public in general as a fulfillment of her long-term passion to combat poverty. Noelia did not hesitate to join the POHOFI founding team and contributed in supporting some life-saving Initiatives and POHOFI landmark events such as the CCAPCAI, the BriSOHEP, the escalating elderly healthcare, the Light of Hope and the joint international Conference in Cameroon. Thereafter, Noelia resorted to pursue her dream and immediately founded the BBAFI. Noelia and her team of dedicated avant-garde leaders are now forging alliances and are breaking grounds within Orphanages in Togo, a sub-Saharan African country. She looks forward to breaking more grounds with regards to reaching out, touching and saving lives and giving hope to more disadvantaged and needy communities in the developing world as a means to show Gods love and blessings to mankind.