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    Is responsible for managing and editing POHOFI's website. To contact its Manager, please send email to Sol Gonzalez at sgonzalez@pohofi.org

Sol Gonzalez, VP, Information Technology & Online Business.  Sol Gonzalez is a graduated in Informatics and Business Information Technology respectively. She currently works as an IT Consultant and Web Development for small businesses and organizations. She has been a founder and co-founder for several family projects and recently supports as a Spanish CMO for a multicultural company.

Her passion goes from entrepreneurial projects to technology integration in order to improve services and solve people needs. In her words: “I use to say that I help people bring ideas online. I simply love doing this and my diverse set of skills has always allow me to connect and network with amazing persons. For me, that is my passion.”

When she is not reading Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes and coding magazines, she is watching Travel or Food channel with her family.