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Steve Dufe finalStephen Dufe, BA, Associate Director of Communication and of the Vision Aid and Care Initiative (VACI), Mr. Stephen Dufe holds a Journalism and Mass Communication degree from the University of Buea- Cameroon. He has put up 8 years of news reporting, presentation and analysis with the Cameroon national broadcaster, the Cameroon Radio Television. Areas of interest are climate change, entertainment, culture and society.

Still in the media realm, Dufe has served as news Editor for Abakwa FM, a Cosmopolitan media outlet in the NW region of Cameroon. Dufe is also a writer with the German based magazine Africa Positive where he contributes stories that can give a fair picture and clean up the biased media coverage of Africa in the West.

Dufe volunteers as a Communications Associate for the Centre d’Intégration Scolaire et Professionnelle pour Aveugles et Malvoyants (CISPAM) in Cameroon, a center for the rehabilitation of the visually impaired.He is also the Cameroon West Regional Liaison for Powerman Hope Foundation where he has coordinated assistance campaigns for some vulnerable sectors in local communities.

Dufe has currently moved to Calgary- Canada where he works with the vulnerable in health sector and has applied for a postgraduate degree course in social work with the hope of furthering this course.