Helen A. Nzeffe, RN, BSN, Co-Founder, BOD member, Executive Program Director of BriSOHEP, LOH and VACI Helen was born and raised in Cameroon in a low income family. She witnessed her parents struggle to put food on the table and pay for her education. She... read more

Felicite K. Noubissi, PhD, VP, Human Resource & Research / Founding BOD member Dr. Noubissi is Senior Scientist at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she studies cellular and molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis. She previously... read more

Mr. Nzege is a founding member and Associate Director of Development of POHOFI. He is a born in Cameroonian where he has witness tremendous hard situations and inhuman activities mostly to the underprivileged. As an eye witness to this, he was devoted to ... read more

Christiana Elad Bibish, BS, MA, Executive Director and founding Member, Christiana Elad is the Founder of Sisters Refuge Home Cameroon and also the CEO of Pyramid Productions Los Angeles California. She holds a Bs in Economics, a graduate diploma in Non... read more

Aarushi Agni, BS, Founding member and Communication and Outreach Director In her short career, Aarushi Agni has covered quite a bit of ground. Agni holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Biology and International Studie... read more

Jean-Christopher Chamcheu, PhD., President & Founder Dr. Chamcheu is founding President & CEO of POHOFI, Inc. Together with the Chair and the Board Of Directors, they shape and approve governing and advocacy strategies, as well as establish the... read more

Negalign M Urkato, BA, Accounting and Finance officer and Director for Ethiopia Program Mr. Urkato is a born and raised native of Ethiopia, who lived and experienced life in three different cities in Ethiopia since 1984 prior to immigrating to the United ... read more

Komlanvi Komede, VP,  Togo Programs and Committee member of LOHSCI & BBAFI Mr. Komlanvi is a Radiology Medical Imagine Technology Student. Komlanvi came from a very large African family in which he is the only one who lives outside of his home count... read more

André Tchouatieu, MD.,VP, Global Health Promotion/ Founding member Dr. Tchouatieu is a medical doctor who graduated from the University of Burundi. In 2002, while still doing his specialization (residency) in Obstetrics and Gynecology, he accepted a job ... read more

Carlos Iván Rodríguez, BS, VP, Pueto Rico Programs and Research-Innovation committee member Carlos Iván Rodríguez, born and raised in Puerto Rico, has always been passionate about everything he does in his life. After spending most of his life in muni... read more