Louis  Ngamassi, Ph.D., Chairman and CGO Dr. Louis Ngamassi is currently an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) at Prairie View A&M University – College of Business. He received his PhD form the College of Information Sc... read more

Noelia C. Hernandez, VP, Dominican Republic Programs, Founder & Co-Director of the BBAFI Noelia is a founding member of POHOFI, born and initially raised in the Dominican Republic and later the United States. Having worked at the University of Wiscons... read more

Nicaise Mbunteu, M.S, VP, Investment and Finance, and member of the CCAPCAI leadership Team Mr. Nicaise Mbunteu holds a M.S. degree from University of Minnesota and a currently a Process and Design Engineer at MillerCoos, LLC. He is also a member of the ... read more

Mr. Samuel Sumo Tiepmo, Senior Vice President, Cameroon Programs/Director Mr. Samuel Sumo Tiepmo a etudier a ‘Institut national de la jeunesse et des sports.il est professeur certifie d’Education physique et sports. A travailler  au lycee pol... read more

Gaetano S. Fossi, MS, Director of Education and Books for Cameroon Library Initiative Mr. Gaetano S. Fossi, after working as Department Administrator in the Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS) and in the department of African Languages and literature at the ... read more

Sol Gonzalez, VP, Information Technology & Online Business.  Sol Gonzalez is a graduated in Informatics and Business Information Technology respectively. She currently works as an IT Consultant and Web Development for small businesses and organizati... read more

Stephen Dufe, BA, Associate Director of Communication and of the Vision Aid and Care Initiative (VACI), Mr. Stephen Dufe holds a Journalism and Mass Communication degree from the University of Buea- Cameroon. He has put up 8 years of news reporting, prese... read more