We are honored to have the advice, guidance and coordination of an increasing number of members – all of whom are leaders in their diverse fields and walks of life in both the United States and around the globe. This multidisciplinary CAB forms the backbone of the governing bodies and remains the power force of this movement making it a democratic and transparent institution, as they continually update and review the information and approaches we use to engage, educate and empower the public both in the advanced and developing world. The board also is mostly made up of real avant-garde leader with extensive knowledge about development and bridging underdeveloped world with advanced world, and eradicating extreme global poverty, hunger, illiteracy and other social causes for the betterment of the future generation.

The Community Leadership Circle (CLC) consists of thoughtful community leaders who are committed to the mission of Powerman HOPE Foundation Network. They are our extended voice in the community and provide counsel, coordination and financial leadership to further the work of board and staff.