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A Memorial Fund for 22 children in Kumba, Cameroon.

Dear Friends,

We all at POHOFI ( www.pohofi.org) want to do more to support the legacy of a passionate hero and partner in orphan children welfare Mrs. Agnes Fonkeng Azilefack whose great soul was lost March 28, 2016. Agnes, aka Mama AZI, was heartbreakingly taken away from her twenty-two orphans, family, and friends at the comfort of her home in the AZI orphanage of Kumba, Cameroon after suffering severe-debilitating medical conditions including dementia, impaired vision, and difficulty walking.

Agnes was a loving mother, owner and caregiver living with her 22 orphans at the AZI Orphanage, a dedicated self-supporting social worker who identified, picked up, housed and cared for several orphans and abandoned children. Community wise, she was greatly admired for her involvement with her children and ability to inspire them and others. To withstand the strenuous task of managing an orphanage, Agnes was inspired by spiritualism in her faith, and loved teaching the children about Goodwill and God. During POHOFI supporting Agnes, we had known her as a very outgoing person, a loving mother of her children, and an example for many in our community.


Agnes (center seated), and all her children (Aged 8 month baby carried in left to 16 years) during her last days of life.

Ages touched many lives in positive ways, and anyone who has met her is left with a memory that will make them smile or laugh in tears as a result of her amazing heart and deep urge towards giving a helping hand. As you can imagine, no family is ever prepared to have their loved one taken so suddenly not the least a family of 22 orphans becomes orphaned again after the passing away of their mother.

Prior to her demise, Agnes had acquired a vast and ideally located piece of land with the hope to one day build a proper home for the children. Her sudden health demise and death put a damper on this dream. We wish to revitalize her dream and provide new hope and light for her children by making this new home come true.

News of Good Hope!!!!
We are so glad and blessed to hear that Agnes’s only surviving sister, Mrs. Gladys Alemji, volunteered to continue undertaking the motherly responsibility for these orphans left behind. Gladys though not having available funds to provide these children with additional needs of proper housing, clothing, nutritious food, education, clean waters and electricity, we are sure that this fundraising campaign funds will support her in sustaining these children.

Agnes memorial fund

Gladys (right in white garmen) and the AZI orphans.

Please let’s help raise funds for the AZI orphanage children and to continue Agnes Azilefack’s legacy in providing unconditional love for parentless children and a home they can call their own a reality.

We have set a goal of $30,000 – a small portion of what is needed to support this meaningful cause.

Your donation will directly support Agnes Fonkeng Azilefack Memorial Fund to help meet the needs of the AZI orphanage children during this 2016-2017 transition school year and in the future, with education expenses, clothing, house rent and utility bills, establish a small scale business for Gladys the new mother for these children to help promote self-sufficiency and support ongoing caregiving and give back some of the love and generosity Mama AZI have given us!

Any additional donations will be used to assist in the construction of a permanent house, a place these children can call home and a memory mark to honor Agnes’s life and service to these kids and her community.

Any amount is appreciated, as every cent will create a meaningful impact!

The whole extended POHOFI, Azilefack’s Orphans and friends will be so grateful! And thank everyone in advance for kind thoughts, prayers and support in this time of need.
Other link about Agnes’s work in the community:

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