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We are please to announce our involvement in working to raise funds, financial and material resources including  dental equipment, tools and products  BriSOHEP mission trip events to Cameroon and Togo in  Nov-Dec 2014!

 The Situation

Did you know that kids, pregnant women and dental patients suffer and die as victims of unprofessional and un-aseptic practices linked to poverty and high cost of dental care!!!? Most search for cheaper short cuts in accessing remedy to their dental issues by solicitation of herbalists (witch doctors) which often lead to sudden death in developing world, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Togo inclusive?

Global oral health is a cornerstone of POHOFI’s mission to support and educate individuals, families and communities to lift themselves out of the grasps of poverty and suffering. In Cameroon, Ethiopia, Togo and other developing nations the importance of good oral care cannot be overemphasized as they are predominantly the poorest-of-poor communities with lack of education, sensitization, insurance scheme and inaccessible oral health services, where rural families simply can’t afford the “high” cost of oral care. Their only option is to turn to the next best low-cost effective, readily available traditional remedies provided by traditional healers (herbalists), which unfortunately do not necessarily cure the ailments, but mostly brings disaster. The effects of not taking proper dental care and oral hygiene may result/exacerbate major oral public health issues including dental caries, periodontal disease, tooth loss, oral mucosal lesions, oropharyngeal cancers, orodental trauma and HIV/AIDS-related oral disease which often result in physical pain, psychological discomfort, disturbances in emotional, social interaction, eating habits, self-esteem, and productivity. Thus profoundly limits the performance of an individual and affect the general health and quality of life. Therefore the impact of empowering health via education, sensitization, campaigns and free-services with the aid of trained, licensed dental professionals and volunteer is important in realizing a healthy mouth and total health improvement for all Cameroonians, Ethiopians as well as Togolese and otter developing world communities).

Here is a shocking news that led to the establishment of the BriSOHEP in Cameroon that is spreading to Togo and hopefully other countries soon!. Victorine was 13 years old when she developed tooth ache and fragility and her mother took her to a tradi-practitioner (also known as herbalist or witch doctor; a relatively inexpensive option) in a small village near Loum City. After an unprofessional tooth removal by this herbalist, Victorine died following excessive bleeding and painful trauma incurred 11days following this local dental surgery in May 2013. Again, in late August 2013, another (see more link) another death of a 10 years old boy, Bernard was communicated from the vicinity of Munyengue Village still from “herbal Doctor’s dental surgery”. Both Bernard and victorine fought with everything they had before giving up to the homes in Heaven and hopefully hundreds of unreported cases might have as well been victimized. Both kids were outgoing said the poverty stricken ignorant parents, who witnessed BriSOHEP campaign and education events organized by POHOFCAM and POHOFI last Nov-Dec 2013 in Cameroon. They were always so happy, just like they knew their lives on earth would be brief, so that they could make each single second count. They taught those around them so much about life and were such true inspirational Heroes to their families that watched until their last helpless moment. Such brave little vibrant lively kids!. Read more in stbaldricks.org website.

After seeing the impact of our outreach activities and following recommendations both in Cameroon and abroad we have now made this event an annual issue to reach more vulnerable kids and provide both the resources, skills and capacity building and education required by these needy communities and the professional assistance to safely deliver such outreach and services.

This annual event to reach more than ten thousand children and their caretakers still in four regions but this time reaching more villages and school in each region. 94% of the fund raised in this campaign will be used to attain the BriSOHEP’s 2014 goal.

This will also cover dental health seminars, sensitization campaigns and to acquire cost will also 10000 tooth brushes, toothpastes, packs of dental flosses, other dental service equipment’s and tools required by dentist, dental hygienists, support volunteers, training materials, transportation and running of the project to the benefit of four schools per village and 7 villages per region in a total of 4 regions. The communities and groups in question are selected such that both dentists, allied health professional, teachers and volunteers alike are empowered to provide the much needed education and care services needed to contribute to enhance education, healthcare and policies in Cameroon and Togo.

Be a hero for vulnerable kids and communities in underprivileged communities in Cameroon and Togo in 2014 by supporting POHOFI’s life touching BriSOHEP mission trip events!

Kindly Consider to Join this event, and whether you decide to raise fund, volunteer, or donate, we hope you’ll be a part of the excitement in giving hope to ignorant children, young adults and the vulnerable and the possibility to empower self-reliance and total health improvement!

Please Help POHOFI raises $54, 328 plus other needed resources to support BriSOHEP 2014 mission trip events to Cameroon and Togo! Every dollar makes a difference for the thousands of vulnerable children, young adults and pregnant women fighting public health issues that plaques impoverished communities.

Read more about Brisohep and get involved


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