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 February 2nd, 2014

We are pleased to announce the launching of a new campaign to raise funds $46,400 for a new partnership project through the supervision of POHOFCAM (POHOFCAM#01HL-02NZ-01BN-01NS) that will support its partners the Humble Ladies, Nzabengene, BASNAF and NSUH CIGs located in Fako, Meme, Koupe-Mouanegouba and Haut-Nkam divisions in South West and western regions respectively. This fund will provide financial and income generating initiative support together with skill training, workshops, seminars and to run and manage poultry farms, pig fattening, Yam tuber seedlings propagation plots and of  tomatoes and legumes in Bonanango village and Bomaka, Buea town, Etam Village, Barombi Kang/Kossala Kumba and Babouantou-Bandja for up to 1200 households in Cameroon. The fundraiser will fund Women’s Income Generating Activities through Piggery, Poultry, Yam Tuber, Tomatoes and legumes Farming to help combat poverty and take care of their livelihoods. Their activities will also provide means to sponsor the more than 12 orphan kids they have some of whom are infected with HIV/AIDS. In addition to empowering economic self-sufficiency, fighting poverty and saving the lives of these orphans, all four CIGs employ local women in their respective villages and environ, that are living with HIV/AIDS. Thus they help provide expressive job and petite business opportunities for marginalized women in the communities.

These CIGs work alongside Cameroonian communities to provide resources that create sustainable change, instead of simply giving aid and money, together with our partner we help them build relationships and programs that empower residents to help themselves and has 5 main objective.

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More than 1200 families that will receive two-free yam seedlings each are some of the underprivileged farming families in the communities, but the loftier objective is for the people to have logic of proprietorship in the yam seedling, vegetables and livestock through this unique HLCIG/NZABENGE/BASNAF/NSUH CIG strategy under POHOFCAM network. The yams and tomatoes that these women produce are propagated with some professional assistance and input from the community and local district agricultural experts, and can be propagated into more seedlings as the need arises.

How you Can Help!

Consider assisting us raise a matching grant of $46,400 to support this cause for these three main CIGs and their training and sensitization activities. Please give to this project to contribute in the fight of several causes against poverty, illiteracy, ill-health and empower community women development actions and empower healthy living in these Cameroonian communities!

Women economic, education and capacity expansion