Did you know that over 70% of our founders, directors, staffs and advisors have over a decade of experience living, studying, working and volunteering with the world’s poorest communities and families. We have learned that the underserved are resourceful, talented and ready to improve their livelihoods but for the resources and means to make ends meet.

Reason why your support, be it a gift of time, skills or money, no matter how small or large is so significant. Globally underprivileged families are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty that is strengthened by a dearth of resources and or, awareness. You can save an undeserved family in Africa, Asia, or Latin America/Caribbean with your gift.

Volunteering Opportunities

The utmost meaningful strategy to volunteering at either national or international level – the only prospective approach – is one designed by the community to be supported or empowered together with the community so that they may take proprietorship of after our time. With POHOFI you’ll do eloquent work that targets a specific community’s identified need. When you engage yourself in such new community at the time – working together with local people to make a tangible impact, you’ll enjoy the beauty in every association and camaraderie concealed no matter the size and magnitude. The POHOFI’s domestic and international volunteer experience offers you a sincere volunteer experience with numerous opportunities to associate with local people you work to support, and learn a lot of new life changing things from.

We offer two ways to volunteer your time, skills, resources and vigor and make an enormous difference in the livelihood of the world’s underprivileged families and communities: