Core Beliefs

We recognize and believe that:

  • globalization is growing at an exponential rate, and the world is rapidly transforming itself into a global village in which independent communities thrive together.
  • The suffering in resource-poor countries where poverty, illiteracy, inequality and indebtedness loom very large, stand in stark contrast to the apparent prosperity of the developed countries. However, this is a very important gap that must be bridged.
  • The parts played by each individual as well as our global community are essential to the functioning of the whole.
  • Nationals from other nations of the world have been very instrumental in the fight against povertyand most social ills that plaque the well being of humanity, and are committed to the development and strengthening of south-south cooperation and partnership.
  • The resources such as capital, technology and human skills, which are required to launch a global war against poverty and bridge this gap,exist in abundance and are within our reach.
  • The development cooperation between the developed and developing nations are not being felt within undeserved communities in resource-poor countries, and we are convinced that our historic opportunity presents itself to reverse this afflicting scourge by working together and with international development partners.
  • Our focus on challenging works of humanitarian actions at both domestic and international levels, and collaboration with other committed organizations around the world will empower sustainable development and facilitate the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and beyond.
  • Our endeavors will bring about social equality, fairness, hope, dignity and contribute significantly to the alleviation of poverty, especially for youths, women and underprivileged communities.

POHOFI believes that people’s lives can be improved significantly if together you and us can network, support and provide them with the required skills, knowledge, and access to available resources.

With these understanding, we the founders of POHOFI, have realized the need and desire to collaborate and pool our knowledge and efforts together to save lives, build and empower hopeful and sustainable communities, alleviate extreme poverty and suffering in all its forms and raise the standards of livelihoods in resource-poor communities worldwide.