Supremacy and Structure

POHOFI is governed by an international Board, consisting of the Honorary Co-Chairs, the Co-Chairs, the President elected by the founding Board; and Vice-President elected by the international membership; Regional and country Directors and Representatives elected by and from the members in each region where we conduct business. POHOFI also has a number of members appointed to bring particular skills or expertise in our diverse areas of interest. For reasons of budget and time, the Board meets twice a year for two days each, one being a board general meeting and the second being an annual fundraising Gala-night destined for particular voted course or causes. It appoints an Executive Committee to deal with finance and other on-going business, which may meet in person or by telephone conference at least four times a year. The Board also appoints several other operational program committees and groups as the needs become apparent and resources available as necessary, including a Nominating and Governance Committee for the purpose of elections and endurance of the deeds of the work and which meets at least six times a year on telephone or by physical meeting depending on time and best options.

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Board of Directors

POHOFI’s volunteer Board of Directors “The board” membership is composed of leaders in medicine and healthcare, biomedical and pure sciences, agriculture, business, education, development, information system, research, fundraising, entertainment and philanthropy.  Members are chosen for their unshakable interest, initiative, integrity, analytical ability, sensitivity and leadership, and are from diverse sectors of the community. The board determines the organization’s mission and vision, and provides vast array of experience and expertise in fundraising, program development, and strategic guidance that helps continue its advocacy, education and support mission to   the needy populations worldwide.  The board selects, evaluates and supports the CEO, CGO, Executive and Program Directors. They are  POHOFI’s spokes people in the community; they contribute to enhance its public standing, ensure accountability, maintain legal integrity and assess its own performance and values as an international development organization. Learn More about our BOD

Coordinating Advisory Board (CAB) and Community Leadership Circle (CLC)

We are honored to have the advice, guidance and coordination of an increasing number of members – all of whom are real avant-garde leaders with extensive knowledge in their diverse sustainable development fields and walks of life in both the United States and around the globe. This multidisciplinary CAB forms the backbone of the governing bodies and remains the power force of this movement making it a democratic and transparent institution, as they continually update and review the information and approaches we use to engage, educate and empower the public both in the advance and developing world. The board encourages and support extra-hands that can bridge underdeveloped world with advanced world, for the betterment of the future generation. The Community Leadership Circle consists of thoughtful community leaders who are committed to the mission of Powerman HOPE Foundation Network. They are our extended voice in the community and provide counsel, coordination and leadership to further the work of the POHOFI.

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Professional Advisory Board (PAB)

POHOFI, under the guidance of the Professional Advisory Panel, also known as the Social Causes Review Panel, provides guidelines in determining the awards of specialized  grants  and fellowships to talented promising individuals, groups and communities with novel poverty and suffering alleviation hypotheses. This aid to boast up their early-actions for prevention and solving their community’s most pressing challenges.  Members of the PAB are selected from diverse specialties grouped on field basis and must have shown unshakable interest in empowering POHOFI’s mission and actions in any of the fields we embark on.

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Louis-Marie Ngamassi, PhD., Chair, Co-Founder Benjamin K. Komlanvi, Vice Chair Christiana A. Elad, MA, Founding Member Shah-Johan Dodwad, Co-Founder Lindsy Boateng, MS, Co-Founder Felicite K. Noubissi, PhD, PhD, Founding Member       Helen A. Nzeffe, RN, BSN, Co-Founder Rosine H. Kemeni, RN, MSN, FNP, Co-Founder Andre-Marie Tchouatieu, MD Yitemben Martial, MD, Founding Member Wilfred T. Bello, BS, RN, Co-Founder Leonie-Claire K. Kamdem, MPA. Founding Member Minervia Forgji, HND, LPN Emmanuel Nzegge, LLB, LLM, Founding Member Jean Christopher Chamcheu, PhD, Founder Celine Timbeng Ninject, Founding ember Agnes Arushi, BS candidate?, Founding member Igor Gandjui, MS, Founding member  

 Board & Leadership Listing

Louis-Marie T. Ngamassi, PhD Co-Chair & CGO  see Bio

Jean Christopher Chamcheu, PhD Founder & President see Bio

Lindsy R. Boateng,  MS Co-founder, Treasurer& Director see Bio

Felicite K. Noubissi, PhD,  Founding member & VP, Human Resource see Bio

Shah Jahan Dodwad, BS Co-founder, Secretary & Director see Bio

Helen A. Nzeffe, RN, BSN, Co-founder, VP, Programs & Executive Director (BriSOHEP & LOHSCI) see Bio

Rosine H. Kemeni, RN, MSN, FNP, Co-founder, Executive VP & Associate ED BriSOHEP see Bio

Wilfred T. Bello, BS, RN,  Co-founder, VP, Education & Associate ED BriSOHEP see Bio 

Andre-Marie Tchouatieu, MD, Co-founder, VP, Global Health Promotion & France Director see Bio

Christiana Elad, M.A. Founding member & Executive Director  see Bio

Benjamin K. Komlanvi, MATC, Founding member, Vice Chairman Togo Programs & Associate ED LOHSCI see Bio

Sohinderjit S. Singh, Founding Member, Vice Chairman India Programs & Executive Director BBAFI see Bio

Emmanuel Nzegge, BA, LLM, Founding member, Associate Director BBAFI see Bio

Martial T.  Yitemben, MD, Founding member see Bio

Agnes Arushi, BS, Founding Member, Marketing and Communications Director  Bio

Monica L. Restrepo, BS, Development and outreach Director Bio

Thomson Tafor Nchang*  Co-Founder, see Bio

Amstrong A. Besong, PhD*, Co-Founder   see Bio

Sustaining Directors

Mr. Samuel Psupmo Co-Chair see Bio

Leonie-Claire K. Kamdem, MPA. Founding Member  see Bio

Fossi Symphorien, MS, Member & Directors see Bio

Christophe Tiako Milwaukee Bio Member and Director  

Nicaise Mbunteu New Berlin, Member and Director  

Evelyn Hammond Member and Director,

Bruno difang tarh

Hilary Youmbi A

dolf Eboa Ndiangue

Alan suhfree

Guy Emmanuel Simo Kamdem

Igor Ngandjui

Evelyne Hammond Eric Hammond


President and Founders

The POHOFI Inc., was founded in late 2011, at the nick of 2012 by Dr. Jean Christopher Chamcheu in memory of his father, Vernant Tchamakam popularly known as “POWERMAN”, who died earlier and after the founding of the Cameroon based charities POHOFCAM and PRUDHWERA, both founded to uphold his philanthropic legacy. Together with a group of visionary and committed co-founders (Lindsy R. Boateng, Wilfred T. Bello, Helen A Nzeffe, Shah Dodwad, Louis-Marie Ngamassi, Youmbi Hilary, Rosine Kameni Yamdjeu, Thomson Tafor Nchang (Blessed Memory), Amstrong Ayuk Besong (Blessed memory) and founding members (Felicite Noubissi Kamdem, Celine Ninjeck, Leonie-Claire K Kamdem, Guy Emmanuel Simo, Agni Aarushi, Christiana Elad, Miranda Ndum, Emmanuel Nzegge; see Biodata pages) to answer the critical need for an organization that protects and provide relief, support and central solution to the development, education, healthcare, suffering and extreme global poverty alleviation needs of the poorest of poor communities worldwide. Importantly, most of our co-founders and founding members are striving in their various domains in the enfranchised communities but mostly originate from disenfranchise settings as either bona fide indigenes or as visitors with first-hand experience regarding the causes POHOFI embarks and fight against.

In the past 2 years since its inception, and subsequent federal recognition as a 501 (c) (3) Tax exempt corporation, the POHOFI has been investing in support of its mission: HOPE to Reaching out, Touching and Saving lives Building and Empowering Hopeful & Sustainable Communities through Networking & Support, and has been emergent as a recognized leader in the fight against suffering and most challenging social causes through volunteering, relief, support and prevention strategies.

Jean Christopher Chamcheu. JCC BIODATA  POHOFI

Currently a Dermatology Post-doctoral Research Associate at the School of Medicine and Public Health, UW-Madison, WI. He earned his PhD in Dermatology and Venereology from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Uppsala, Sweden. In 2013 he  was designated Powerman Jr, a Next Generation Leader and custodian of the Late POWERMAN’s Legacy.

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Lindsy R. Boateng. Lindsy Boatend POHOFI Image

Lindsy is a PhD student at UW-Madison. Lindsy has been active in her support of social, environmental, and African culture and development causes for many years. As an citizen of enfranchise community she has firsthand experience on suffering and poverty.  She holds a BS and an MS in from XXX College and is a   Co-founder and treasurer of POHOFI.

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Rosine H. Kemeni, Co-Founder picture here   Helen A. Nzeffe, Co-Founder   Leonie-Claire K. Kamdem,Founding Member   Wilfred T. Bello, Co-Founder Louis-Marie T. Ngamassi,Co-Founder Shah-Jahan Dodwad, Co-founder Celine T. Ninjeck, Founding Member Youmbi Hilary, Co-founder Felicite Noubissi Kamdem, Founding Member Thomson Tafor Nchang Co-Founder (Blessed Memory), Amstrong Ayuk Besong Co-Founder (Bleesed memory) Simon Pierre Mbumbo, Founding Member   Staff Officers.

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Currently POHOFI is managed by volunteer directors and staffs. The chairman and the president are also the CGO and CEO, respectfully. There is a network of North American/ domestic volunteer’s, national and international representatives in the countries where POHOFI has affiliated members, who promote its mission and act as partners and/or contact point with members and activities. POHOFI has a Secretary General; there is no permanent secretariat, a treasurer, an executive director, and a bunch of executive program directors who are all volunteers from different skills and walks of life directing several development programs, projects, causes and campaigns. POHOFI also has country directors from different development areas of expertise. Our immediate plan for POHOFI’s staffed offices include a small administrative and board membership office with part-time administrative support in the US. The information service and website can be located at domestic location and overseas and should be, staffed by a part-time Director. We therefore currently seek for as many part-time volunteer staff and consultants as possible.

Staff (2012 – Present)

Louis-Marie T. Ngamassi, Chief Governance Officer Benjamin K. Komlanvi, Vice president and Associate Director of LOH and Christiana A. Elad, Executive Director Arushi Agni, Director of Communicationand Marketing Helen A. Nzeffe, Executive Director of Programs Shah-Jahan Dodwad, Executive Secretary/Director Lindsy Boateng, Treasurer/ Director Felicite K. Noubissi, Human Resource Director / Director Leonie C.K. Kamdem, Financie Officer Celine T. Ninjeck,     Financial Secretary Jean Christopher Chamcheu, Founder/President Sohinderjit Sohal Singh, Vice President David Sampson, Deputy Director Fayyez Ahmed, Finance and IT Officer Liza-Marie Mbunteu, Administration Officer Gaelle Petzi, Administration Officer   Coordinating Advisory Board and Community Leadership Circle(2012 – Present) Name Listing Daniel Sieweis a former member of the. Dr. Asiedu Boateng, PharmD address Fomaka Justin is the executive director of the a community-based, nonpolitical and dynamic organization working to help adapt to the fast changes experienced by cameroon rural communities. Dr. Shiembo NdePatrick, is the founder and co-Director of the Fund, whose purpose is to foster self-reliance among indigenous peoples in the Americas. Dr. pufongjaja is vice president and managing director-markets at the World John nagalikou, Ph.D. is. Tembei John, Ph.D., is co-director of the Institute (G-DAE), Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, , and vice chair of the Board of the. Jim Brook, Melissa Auchaud is a member of the board of directors Dr. rekialo is a senior policy advisor at Henshaw Mandi, MD, MPH DRC Bio CARLOS RODRIGUEZ, Ph.D., is. papapaignam is the founder and director of ……. siddiqui IA is the author of …….. Dr Vaqar M. Adhami Carlos Taboko is senior manager at ……. Mr. Daniel ACHILLE Siewe Noumbissi Senior translator, Durham, NC chamamakam, Strengthening the Voluntary Sector Adviser alert dart , Arts Adviser Dr. Patrick Shiembo, International Adviser Dr. Lucas Kemeni, PharmD.

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Our Logo

Pohofi logo POHOFI’s logo is emblematic of our people focused approach to end poverty, suffering hunger and give hope. The image captures both the primacy of the tree of hope to our mission and the primal human connection to nature globally. It also celebrates the belief that successful conservation integrates human needs and talents. The concept was the brainchild of HOPE between the POHOFI founders and the founder of BD Toom-Comics, Mr. Simon Pierre MBUMBO.