As our model, POHOFI strives to succeed where other not-for-profit organizations miss the mark since it creates durable connections with the communities in which it or its partners work. POHOFI believes that the success of development projects need the active involvement/participation of both the community and people with expertise in the selection, implementation and development, with regards to sustainably building and successfully running the innovative projects once POHOFI and its partners are no longer actively involved. No matter how innovative projects might be, they can only be sustainable mostly when the community takes proprietorship of them, and such strategy is what attracts POHOFI and certainly secures the support of our dedicated donors.

We work hard

POHOFI works hard to ensure that the greatest possible percentage of each contribution goes directly to the communities and their projects it supports. Because POHOFI strive to build and maintain resilient, long-standing relationships with such communities, it assures its supporters of the efficient and effective usage of their donations invested in the projects.


We help fund needs

Funding needs are identified by in-depth consultation and agreement with the communities and partner organizations representing it to ensure that POHOFI only funds projects that are sustainable with active participation. Our learned program directors, committees and the advisory board assist to mediate the best possible choice and actions for the board of directors and staff. All POHOFI program projects are managed on –site by partner organizations that have high quality management and donor relationships, accountability, the ability to provide comprehensive feedback and a measurable and favorable impact on the community.

How grants are descended

All of POHOFI’s grant-making is done entirely on an invitational basis. However, upon recommendation by a committed volunteer, leader or board of the organizationwe do review and may consider unsolicited grant proposals.