The BBAFI initiative Improves the quality of life for socioeconomically disadvantaged children in the developing world by providing them with clean clothing, shoes and backpacks.

About BBAFI and the Situation

A socioeconomically disadvantaged family living on the streets in Jalandhar, India.

Poverty presents many challenges and affects millions of people over the world. Today, millions of children live in poverty. Poverty stricken children have a severe disadvantage physically, emotionally and socially. Frequently, they lack the basic necessities such as clothing and shoes, and these children are in serious risk of never achieving their full potential. Some of these vulnerable children will indeed try to gain these necessities themselves but may be exploited in child labor. The Bare Body And Feet Initiative will contribute to reduce the socioeconomic disadvantage experienced by these underprivileged children. The Bare Body And Feet Initiative is collecting new or gently used articles of clothing, footwear and backpacks. Clothing should be for the ages of 1 to 16. However, in connection with POHOFI’s newest initiative on neglected tropical diseases (NTD), Leprosy (Hensen’s disease) and Lymphatic Filariasis, or “elephantiasis” two disfiguring and stigmatizing disorders and prison inmates, currently under development, we encourage donation of adults clothing and footwear to support these cohorts as well.

The full utilization of today’s online social networking is incorporated in the cause. Our Facebook page can be accessed to find out up to date progress and information.   There is also a monetary collection fund established online to those wanting to donate.

What Instigated POHOFI for this Project?

POHOFI’s members, Noelia Hernandez Diaz, Mandeep Singh, Emmanuel Nzege and Sohinderjit Singh, have witnessed first-hand the difficulties affecting poverty stricken children around the world. Though they all originate from distinct geographical and socioeconomic backgrounds, they noticed that the one common element many of these children lacked were clothes, shoes and backpacks. Without these material items these children have a serious disadvantage in today’s world. Hernandez, Mandeep, Nzege and Sohinderjit decided this should not be an obstacle for children and have instigated POHOFI to aid these children.The Bare Body And Feet Initiative is setup to provide clothing, footwear and backpacks for children living in poverty in developing countries and in poor neighborhoods in developed countries as needs arises and resources become available. The project members utilize social networking and word-of-mouth to raise awareness for BBAFI and collect donations.

Established targets for BBAFI

  • Our goal is to have aided at least 1,000 Cameroonian and Togolese children by the end of 2014.

This aid package will consist of 1,000 pairs of shoes and 1,000 articles of clothing to Cameroon and Togo’s neediest children. By mid-2015, we would like to have expanded to Latin America and Asia focusing on the Dominican Republic and India respectively.

How You Can Make A Difference:

  • With a $10 donation, you can help provide a child with a pair of shoes, a shirt and a pair of pants .

Our goal is to help improve the socioeconomic conditions of these undeserved children and their communities. There are hundreds of thousands of children in Cameroon, Togo, India and other developing countries that desperately need these basic articles for living.  These donations will make a huge impact in the daily lives of these children. You can also donate shoes and clothing directly.

Future plans:

The future outlook of the Bare Body and Feet Initiative is to make a global impact. Currently, we are working with our volunteers in Africa to make an impact in the lives of underprivileged children in Cameroon and Togo. In the coming months, POHOFI would like to expand this program to more regions of the world. BBAFI is presently being planned to be implemented in Northern India; specifically the Indian state of Punjab. India in the later part of the last century has experienced a population boom that has created one of the largest poverty stricken populations in the world. Furthermore India retains a centuries old caste system despite it being ruled by the Indian government as unconstitutional almost 60 years ago. This backwards social system and the recent population boom has created a large lower caste. This has kept the Dalits, the lowest caste, underprivileged for centuries. Today, they constitute the largest unemployed population in India. Unfortunately Dalit children experience the worst conditions, many Dalit children are homeless, and lack proper clothing. Bringing BBAFI to India in the coming year to aid these children is BBAFI’s future goal.

BBAFI Leadership Team:

  1. Sohinderjit Singh, VP, India Programs, Executive Director BBAFI, email:
  2. Mandeep Singh, Associate Executive Director BBAFI, email:
  3. Lisa Liu, BBAFI Treasurer, email:
  4. Brittany Mitchell, Social Media Coordinator, email:
  5. Noelia Hernandez Diaz, Founder & Co-Director BBAFI, email:
  6. Benjamin Komlanvi Komede, VP, Togo Programs, email:
  7. Naghelin Urkato, Office Accountant POHOFI & Ethiopia Program Director, email:

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Get Involved and Support

Participate by volunteering please email Sohinderjit Singh at  Donate to the BBAFI Fund.

Please help us change the lives of thousands of children by donating to BBAFI.

Contact Us

Att: Director BBFI Initiative
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Implementing Partners:
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