The Coordinating Programs Advisory Board for POHOFI is currently being formed. The different program advisory boards include:

1. Education Advisory Board (EAB) create a link on these brackets

2. Health & Medical Advisory Board (HIAB)

3. Arts and Culture advisory board (ACAB)

4. Biodiversity & Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board (BESAB)

5. Rural Development, Agriculture and Farms Inputs Advisory Board (RuDAFIAB)

6. Research and Innovation advisory board (RIAB)

7. Women Economic Empowerment Advisory Board (WEEAB)

8. Community Clean Water and Sanitation Advisory Board (CCWSAB)

9. Youth, Child and Women Development Advisory Board (YCWDAB)

10. Information & CommunicationTechnology Advisory Board (ICTAB)

11. Volunteer Effort & Travel Scholar programs (VTSP)

12. Legal Advisory Board (LAB)

13. Scientific Advisory Board

This section will be populated before it becomes available to the general public.

To start using the system with the PAB privileges the invited member must register.

The program AB is formed by invitation only. The different program advisory board chairs are xxxxxx.

Invited program AB members can refer other scientists, professionals, corporate, NGO and government leaders in an area to join the program AB. To join the PAB, a confirmation via email is required.

The PAB administrative interface is very different from the general user interface. The PAB members can:

– Categorize projects into groups within the program

– Propose new ways to create impact in the projects that enhance the organization’s mission

– Add/approve projects

– Discuss the projects with other PAB member

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