POHOFI is governed by an international Board, consisting of the Honorary Co-Chairs, the Co-Chairs, the President elected by the founding Board; and Executive Vice-President elected by the international membership. The leadership and Staff made up of the Vice-Presidents and Executive Directors of programs; Regional Directors and Representatives elected by and from the members in each region where we conduct business. The leadership is also made up of a number of members appointed to bring particular skills or expertise in our diverse areas of interest. For reasons of budget and time, the Board meets twice a year for two days each, one being a board general meeting and the second being an annual fundraising Gala-night. It appoints an Executive Committee to deal with finance and other on-going business, which may meet in person or by telephone conference at least four times a year. The Board also appoints several other operational program committees and groups as the needs become apparent and resources available as necessary, including a Nominating and Governance Committee for the purpose of elections and endurance of the deeds of the work and which meets at least six times a year on telephone or by physical meeting depending on time and best options.