Powerman HOPE Foundation International Inc., a non-partisan, 3-model (VFT: Volunteer driven, Faith-filled and Team – oriented)  movement of people’s actions, lives and stories that address the world’s poorest community’s most pressing challenges.


POHOFI is a global nonprofit entity dedicated to Reaching Out, Touching and Saving Lives, Empowering and Building Hope to alleviate human suffering caused by the spectrum of issues associated with underdevelopment,extreme poverty, hunger, injustice, war,and natural disaster within underprivileged communities worldwide. Furthermore, we strive for Click to learn more

We partner and collaborate with individuals, businesses as well as faith-, indigenous- or community-based organizations, nonprofits and government sectors, to facilitate networking and promote a trustworthy and transparent sharing of skills and good practices. We aspire to foster a global, sustainable, vibrant, speckled movement to protect the humanitarian rights, promote self-sufficiency, and reinstate hope and a future for the underprivileged.

We are frank, learn from errors, and avoid putting blames on others

The fear of taking risks and making mistakes can crush novelty, creativity and negate the ability to harness optimism and potentials by empowering. At POHOFI, we build a milieu where people can take risk and challenges but also make and admit mistakes. We accept and take critics of ourselves, avoid blames towards one-another and attempt problem based learning sorting, by openly discussing and brainstorming—not limited to our weaknesses.

Overview and Conception History

One Intriguing meaning of developmentisto establishsustainable practices involved in the makeover of human lives. Education and encouragement remain vital tools in this makeover process leading to – Click to learn more

The PowerMan HOPE Foundation (POHOF) dream was originally conceived by Mr. VernantTchamakam of blessed memory, popularly known as “PowerMan”

Against the background vision of POHOFCAM and PRUDHWERA, POHOFI was initiated and later founded as a global volunteer relief and support organization that  mainly support ground-breaking community-based development causes  of the following key program areas:

  • Education & Vocational Training
  • Healthcare and Well-Being Initiatives, Access to Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Income Generating Activities
  • Environmental Sustainability and Awareness
  • Women and Children Empowerment
  • Research and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Founding and updates:

In late 2011, in memory of his father, VernantTchamakam or “POWERMAN”, Dr. Jean Christopher Chamcheureturned from abroad with experience from the underserves, and founded POHOFI in the United States. Together with other committed co-founders and founding members from disenfranchised and enfranchised communities around the world who contributed, volunteer efforts, participated in team-oriented advocacy actions, and partook in networking and partnership. Click to learn more

Having experienced firsthand the suffering of disenfranchised communities either as bona fide indigenes or as long term visitors to such communities, the founder of POHOFI came together to brainstorm and network on strategies to assist resource-poor communities. The co-founders personally raised resources to encourage and provide support to further the objectives of organizations that address sustainable development issues in resource-poor communities around the globe.

As a result, POHOFI has emerged a sa global network of volunteer support organizations.

In the USA, POHOFI is a federally recognized 501(c) 3 tax-exempt, non-profit corporation with a headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. In the US and other industrialized country, POHOFI shall be a volunteer driven Board of Directors (BOD) movement, but shall maintain a major pool members and partners  in developed countries to foster networking and sustainability. Click to learn more

Model Strength and Working Principles

POHOFI strives to succeed where other non-profits miss the mark by creating durable connections with the communities in which POHOFI or its partners work. Similar to the two Cameroon-based CBO’s, POHOFI also believes that the success of development projects needs the active participation of both the underserved community and people with expertise in the selected of projects and its development and enactment. POHOFI also strives for the community to achieve sustainability in building and successfully running the innovative projects once POHOFI and its partners are no longer actively involved. Learn More

One of POHOFI’s goals is not only to help those in need, but also and more importantly to educate them as to protect and foster future generations. It would be simple to provide someone with reliable and clean products, but this method is neither efficient nor sustainable.

Teaching individuals how to live a safe and healthy lifestyle will help them for the rest of their lives. In turn, they can educate others, who can go on to educate others, thus developing an ever-expanding network of knowledge. Therefore, no matter how innovative projects might be, they can only be sustainable mostly when the community takes proprietorship of them, and such strategy is what attracts POHOFI and certainly secures the support of our dedicated donors.

POHOFI works hard to ensure each contribution goes directly to the communities and their projects it supports. Because POHOFI strives to build and maintain resilient, long-standing relationships with such communities, it assures its supporters of the efficient and effective usage of their donations invested in the projects.

Funding needs are identified by in-depth consultation and agreement with the communities and partner organizations representing it to ensure that POHOFI only funds projects that are sustainable with active participation. Our learned program directors, committees and advisors assist to mediate the best possible selections and actions for the BODs and staff. All POHOFI program projects are managed on-site by local partner organizations that have high quality management and donor relationships, accountability, the ability to provide comprehensive feedback and a measurable and favorable impact on the community. All of POHOFI’s grant-making is done on an invitational basis; however, upon recommendation by a committed volunteer, leader or board of the organization we may review and consider unsolicited grant proposals.

While POHOFI’s program schedule may change, our two major guiding principles are:

  • 1  POHOFI emphasizes on pre-eminent team work, volunteer-efforts, faith-filled and result-driven actions. Based on careful analysis, research, policy, operation and risk factors, we take felicitous actions on imperative issues of pressing need and priority to the causes and community we serve.
  • 2   POHOFI’s field-based sustainable mission seeks to reinstate hope, peace, enhance democracy, and alleviate hunger, extreme global poverty, and suffering of humans, through the promotion of enhanced development and healthy living actions.

Core Beliefs and Goals

Core Beliefs:

We believe that;

  • •  Globalization is growing at an exponential rate, while the world is rapidly transforming itself into a global village in which independent communities thrive together
  • •  Suffering in marginalized worlds where poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, inequality, greed and indebtedness loom very large, and stand in stark contrast to the prosperity of the developed world, and thus remainsis a very important gap that must be bridged
  • •  The parts played by each individual and their global community are essential to the functioning of the whole
  • •  Globally, citizenshave been very instrumental in the fight against povertyand most social ills that plaque the wellbeing of humanity, and are committed to the development and strengthening of south-south cooperation and partnership.
  • •  Resources such as capital, technology and human skills, which are required to launch a global war against poverty and bridge this gap, exist in abundance and are within our reach
  • •  The development cooperation between the developed and developing nations are not being felt within underserved communities in the latter, and we are convinced that POHOFI presents itself as an historic opportunity to reverse this afflicting scourge by working together and with other international development partners.
  • •  POHOFI’s endeavors will bring about social equality, fairness, hope, dignity and contribute significantly to the alleviation of poverty, especially for youths, women and underprivileged communities
  • •    People’s lives can be improved significantly if together you and POHOFI can network, support and provide them with the required skills, knowledge, and access to available resources
  • •  POHOFI’s focuses on challenging works of humanitarian actions at both domestic and international levels, and collaboration with other committed organizations around the world will empower sustainable development and facilitate the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and beyond
  • With these understanding, the founding members of POHOFI, have realized the need and desire to collaborate and pool knowledge and efforts together to Reach out, Touch and Save lives, build and empower hopeful and sustainable communities, alleviate extreme poverty and suffering in all its forms and raise the standards of livelihoods in resource-poor communities worldwide.

With these understanding, the founding members of POHOFI, have realized the need and desire to collaborate and pool knowledge and efforts together to Reach out, Touch and Save lives, build and empower hopeful and sustainable communities, alleviate extreme poverty and suffering in all its forms and raise the standards of livelihoods in resource-poor communities worldwide.

Our Goals:

POHOFI is a distinctive cutting edge relief and support movement for the world’s poorest community’s most pressing challenges that identify and meet their most pressing basic needs.

We are dedicated to:

  • Support sustainable development needs, promote cultural, economic, educational, health, social, economic, scientific and literacy competency and diversity, and help achieve self-sufficiency of underprivileged communities
  • Empower capacity building and create awareness that educates marginalized communities to handle health, poverty, hunger and nutritional disparities in diverse populations
  • Empower and advocate for the rights, welfare, health, personal and social care of vulnerable groups including vulnerable children, orphans, youths, drop-outs, elderly, people with disability and special need and pregnant women
  • Encourage the upgrade of marginalized community standard of livelihood and self-sufficiency, and provide unique framework for collective actions within and between the nations we conduct business