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At POHOFI, we are dedicated to addressing the world’s poorest community’s most pressing challenges in agriculture, arts/culture and customs, sustainable development, economy, education, food security, healthcare and sanitation, natural environments, information and communication systems, and research etc.., by aiding them identify and meet their basic needs. We created the POHOFI causes and programs to help citizens work together to better understand the grassroots issues that matter most, contribute innovative and sustainable solutions, bridge gaps, support and make the world’s poorest communities the best they can be.

“Because failure due to suffering and poverty is not an option, and fighting against it is arduous and time-consuming, Harnessing Opportunities and Potentials through Empowering (HOPE) sustainable community development is the best prospective for making a difference and building safer, healthier and more self-reliant communities worldwide”.

J.C. Chamcheu Founder

pohofi-aboutPOHOFI, Inc.was founded as a global VFT model support nonprofit movement of people, actions, lives and stories that address the world’s poorest community’s most pressing challenges by aiding them identify and meet their basic needs. At POHOFI, we are  dedicated to reaching out, touching and saving lives, building and empowering  hope to alleviate human suffering caused by the spectrum of issues associated with underdevelopment, diseases, extreme poverty, hunger, injustice, natural disaster, and war within underprivileged communities worldwide. We network, partner and raise funds and resources to provide direct care and support to enhance their customs, sustainable agriculture and development, education, natural resources conservation, research, healthcare and prevention programs, and essential awareness of public health concerns including tropical and neglected diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, humanitarian and volunteer relief services, information system,  research opportunities, and other challenging issues.

ANN AND TEAM Furthermore, consistent with our Core Beliefs and Goals (link to core belief and goals page), we strive for auto-sufficiency, including cognizance about the enhancement and application of acquired skills to lessen the burdens of illness, hunger, extreme-poverty, disability and enhance hospitality.

We believe that:

  • Globalization is growing at an exponential rate, while the world is rapidly transforming itself into a global village in which independent communities thrive together……. Learn more>>>

We are dedicated to:

  • Support sustainable development needs, promote cultural, economic, educational, health, social, economic, scientific and literacy competency and diversity, and help achieve self-sufficiency of underprivileged communities.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission – POHOFI is dedicated to provide relief and direct support to the poorest and needy populations affected by poverty, war, injustice, natural disaster, and public health issues that plaque humanity worldwide including communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, and the Middle East. We fund and support the enhancement of development needs in the areas of agriculture, education, healthcare, nutrition and food security, clean water and sanitation, information and communication technology, research, socio-economic and awareness of public health concerns, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, non-communicable, infectious diseases, tropical and neglected diseases, tuberculosis, and other poverty-associated diseases. We are being directed by an ultimate pledge to integrate sustainability to eradicate extreme global poverty, encourage development, human rights, and livelihoods of people including orphans, children, youth, drop-outs, widows, single parents, elderly, persons with disabilities and low income families.

Vision – To be a key player in encouraging development, extreme poverty and hunger alleviation through a global network of organizations that advocate and inspire hope, self-sufficiency, and a better future in underprivileged communities worldwide; going one country, one community and one problem at a time, as the needs arise and resources become available.

In fact, our vision is to extend your POHOFI impact as we strive to make sure your gift helps people in many places and in many ways.

Core Values & Principles

Our strategic planning approach for relief and development support identified key priorities that shape POHOFI’s future, in functioning, sponsoring, fundraising, budgeting, beneficiaries, associated partners’ improvement, and other basic procedures.  We succeed by holding fast to a set of core values & principles which include:

Compassion We strive for fairness in reaching the underprivileged masses affected by public health issues, extreme poverty, war and natural disaster globally, as we identify, select, support and build the capacity of the partner organizations who are serving them.

Diversity and Openness We are grateful for the diversity of ideas and talents contributed by our network of volunteers. We honor differences without discrimination in culture, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, abilities, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinions and ideas and recognize the value of differences and diversity.

Field Program Excellence and ImpactThrough eminence in enabling participatory volunteer efforts, research and development support that reach-out, touch and save lives, build and empower hope and reduce suffering and poverty, we value our creativeness and innovation as seals of our struggles.

Effective StewardshipWe are committed to achieving and nourishing donors’ confidence by judiciously and cautiously investing and distributing all their funds or in-kind contribution donated resources trusted in us, in keeping with our mission.

Integrity, Respect and Transparency We safeguard the dignity of others through our actions and words, and treat others with respect. Further, we conduct our social and business interactions with honesty and transparency creating an open inclusive atmosphere for everyone.

Responsiveness We are relevant and pre-emptive in meeting donors’ and grantees’ needs.

Legacy We offer donors the prospect to leave a long-lasting mark on the world.

Teamwork and partnership We ensure collective governance and encourage genuine partnerships, collaborations and cooperation between individuals and organizations, cherishing individual strengths within the team and building a culture of comradeship.

Alongside all these values comes accountability, where your donations reflect your hope for people’s lives, and your trust in us. So we strive to earn that trust and share records and reports that document gifts, grants and the population we serve.

Core Strategies:

  1. Programming and PeopleWe will do preventative planning, counseling and rebuilding programming and a strong and healthy workplace culture and that provide fair services.
  2. Financial and AdvocacyWe ensure the organization optimizes existing resources, including members, supporters and donor contributions, by operating effectively and efficiently and will take advantage of prospects to have a strong opinion.

Overview of Conception and Founding History of POHOF

One intriguing meaning of development is to establish sustainable practices involved in the makeover of human lives. Education, encouragement and volunteer efforts remain vital tools in this makeover process, with ripple effects that lead open the gates of empowerment. Unfortunately, grassroots communities in developing countries face deep-rooted challenges of illiteracy, individualism, greed and self-centeredness which enormously negate the impact of development efforts worldwide. The PowerMan HOPE Foundation (POHOF) dream was originally conceived by Mr. Vernant Tchamakam of blessed memory (http://www.pohofcam.org/know-about-us/our-historic-background), popularly known as “PowerMan’’, a Cameroon local grassroots community philanthropist. After Vernant’s demise, an organized effort by his close family, friends and through communities whose lives he touched with his actions, championed by a senior Co-Founder Mr. Jean Christophe Tchouatieu *, resulted in the founding of two independent charities.

Founding History and Updates on Ways Forward of POHOF International

In late 2011, in memory of his father, Vernant Tchamakam or “POWERMAN”, Dr. Jean Christopher Chamcheu returned from abroad with experience from the underserves, and founded POHOFI in the United States. He founded together with a group of other committed co-founders and founding members from disenfranchised and enfranchised communities around the world who contributed, volunteer efforts, participated in team-oriented advocacy actions, and partook in networking and partnership.

How Our Model Works (Model Strength and Working Principles).

POHOFI strives to succeed where other non-profits miss the mark by creating durable connections with the communities in which POHOFI or its partners work. Similar to the two Cameroon-based CBO’s, POHOFI also believes that the success of development projects needs the active participation of both the underserved community and people with expertise in the selection of projects and its development and enactment.

Follow our development Progress

As POHOFI pursues its five-year strategic plan, we will provide point-by-point report on our progress for each of programs./p>
For more information, visit and stay tuned to our programs and Projects pages and visit our Facebook (pohofi@facebookgroup.com  and like us at facebook.com/pohofi) and twitter@.