Our Core Beliefs


We believe that:

  • Globalization is growing at an exponential rate, while the world is rapidly transforming itself into a global village in which independent communities thrive together
  • Suffering in marginalized worlds where poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, inequality, greed and indebtedness loom very large, and stand in stark contrast to the prosperity of the developed world, and thus remains is a very important gap that must be bridged
  • The parts played by each individual and their global community are essential to the functioning of the whole
  • Globally, citizens have been very instrumental in the fight against poverty and most social ills that plaque the well being of humanity, and are committed to the development and strengthening of south-south cooperation and partnership.
  • Resources (such as capital, technology and human skills) required to launch a global war against poverty exist in abundance and are within our reach
  • The development cooperation between the developed and developing nations are not being felt within undeserved communities in the latter, and we are convinced that POHOFI presents itself as an historic opportunity to reverse this afflicting scourge by working together and with other international development partners
  • POHOFI’s endeavors will bring about social equality, fairness, hope, dignity and contribute significantly to the alleviation of poverty, especially for youths, women and underprivileged communities
  • People’s lives can be improved significantly if together you and POHOFI can network, support and provide them with the required skills, knowledge, and access to available resources
  • POHOFI’s focuses on challenging works of humanitarian actions at both domestic and international levels, and collaboration with other committed organizations around the world will empower sustainable development and facilitate the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and beyond

With these understanding, the founding members of POHOFI, have realized the need and desire to collaborate and pool knowledge and efforts together to Reach out, Touch and Save lives, build and empower hopeful and sustainable communities, alleviate extreme poverty and suffering in all its forms and raise the standards of livelihoods in resource-poor communities worldwide.

Our Goals

POHOFI is a distinctive cutting edge volunteer relief and support nonprofit movement for the world’s poorest community’s most pressing challenges that identify and meet their most pressing basic needs.

We are dedicated to:

  • Support sustainable development needs, promote cultural, economic, educational, health, social, scientific and literacy competency and diversity, and help achieve self-sufficiency of underprivileged communities
  • Empower capacity building and create awareness that educates marginalized communities to handle health, poverty, hunger and nutritional disparities in diverse populations
  • Empower and advocate for the rights, welfare, health, personal and social care of vulnerable groups including vulnerable children, orphans, youths, drop-outs, elderly, people with disability and special need and pregnant women
  • Encourage the upgrade of marginalized community standard of livelihood and self-sufficiency, and provide unique framework for collective actions within and between the nations we conduct business
  • Inform and educate individuals of industrialized nations worldwide concerning the reality issues related to the developing world and to motivate them into actions in support of their livelihood
  • Facilitate and support a systems for the active participation of citizens of both the industrialized and developing world into business, by organizing trade forums, cultural manifestations, seminars, conferences and other development activities
  • Encourage development by promoting innovative ideas, talent and research
  • Accelerate the political and socio-economic integration of the developing world through the promotion of good governance, peace, security and stability, and promote international cooperation in all fields of human activity
  • Partner with businesses, individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide, striving to alleviate human suffering, poverty and preventable diseases while closing the gap of health disparity
  • Shape and reinstate hope and a better future for the underprivileged communities

To achieve these, POHOFI may undertake all actions it shall deem appropriate within the framework of its constitutive and internal regulations, including influencing, legislation and cooperation with institutions and organizations of all kinds having the same purpose, and in particular organizations and programs of the African Union, EU, USA  and the UN.

We realize these goals by:

  • Embracing, implementing and empowering focused development initiatives, through socio-cultural, scientific awareness, research, education, outreach and creative endeavors and networking of experts and volunteers to needy communities
  • Widening the group of philanthropy leaders who interact to perform several bold, innovative, collaborative, strategic works to ascertain investment solutions that aim for sustainable long-term results